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Aug 19, 2011

Hair of the Day!

I've see this hair style done so many times. Sometimes it's neat, and sometimes the style will make your head turn, but for some odd reason. I love this style on Natural hair. I'm not descriminating whatsoever, but the thickness of our curls, texture gives it a boost! This style is great for closing out the summer, or year 'round isn't so bad either!


  1. Im just a fan of ethnic natural hair styles...i find braids and twists so beautiful...especially when they are designed neat and complex ways around the head.

  2. That is a ogrgeous style. I might try it.

  3. @My Soul - I totally agree with you! Ethnic hair is Unique & Beautiful hair. We must embrace it with style!

    @Tinuke - You really should. I'm sure it'll look gorgeous! :-)


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